Webby Award Nominations for Contiki: Pack My Bags and FX Digital

The Webbys honour the best of the internet, as FX Digital's Alexa Voice Skill 'Contiki: Pack My Bags' went head-to-head with Disney, Google and Bank of America

FX Digital’s Alexa Voice Skill, Contiki: Pack My Bags received two nominations at this year’s Webby Awards. The prestigious Webbys honour the best of the internet and Pack My Bags was recognised in both the Best Branded Voice Experience category – for apps and devices created on behalf of a brand that offers the most-superior user experience in terms of overall usability and functionality – and in the Voice Productivity category for apps that promote personal-and-workplace productivity via voice interaction.

Contiki: Pack My Bags was nominated alongside huge brand names in both categories, including Google, Disney, Pandora and Bank of America. As a Webby Nominee, the Alexa Skill developed by our team was singled out as one of the five best in the world in its category and among the top 10% of all work entered.

The Contiki: Pack My Bags Alexa Skill also won the IAC Award for Best Travel Voice or Action and helps users plan what to pack for their next holiday or adventure. The branded Voice experience has been hailed for its innovation and rich features, including emailing packing lists to the user. To read more about the development of Contiki: Pack My Bags click here.