Meet the FX Team: QA Tester & In-House Podcast Producer, Luke Nixon

'Meet the FX Team' is a deep dive into the heart of FX, giving you a taste for life at one of London's leading tech companies. Here, we speak with Quality Assurance Tester, Luke Nixon, to uncover more about his role and what life is like for him at FX.

Can you explain what your role entails as a QA Tester?

“As a QA Tester, my role currently sees me testing across our clients’ OTT projects on Samsung TV and Set-Top Box devices like Comcast and Virgin. My time is split between these two projects which keep my role very active and fun. My role also sees me addressing any bugs or issues that I come across when testing.

In a nutshell, my role means I’m testing apps that we’re developing across lots of different devices.”

You’re also the In-House Podcast Producer, what does this involve?

“With a previous background in podcasting, I offered my services to help the FX marketing department produce a podcast all about OTT and Connected TV. My podcast producer role includes developing, editing and producing new podcast episodes for FX, which is a role I’m growing into and enjoying greatly.”

What does a typical day look like for you in the QA team?

“A typical day for me begins with a daily stand up with the FX development team and our client, where we essentially discuss what’s going on, where we’re at and what we’re all working towards. This ensures transparency with the team on the project.

Moving on into the day, calls and meetings continue in between the testing I undertake across the Samsung and Comcast devices.”

What do you enjoy most about your role as a QA Tester?

“One of the things I enjoy most about being a QA is regression testing where I essentially check that the app is working correctly. It gives me a chance to do some destructive testing (trying to break things) while testing the app end-to-end.”

What do you find most challenging about your role?

“It’s almost a double-edged sword as the last comment I made about the devices being fun to test on is true, but on the other hand, setups of these can be extremely challenging. When working remotely, I had to run a 25-metre ethernet cable from my wifi router up the side of my house and through my window just to get my device working because of poor internet!

So I’d say the hardest part is the initial setup and eventually deploying the apps across TV, but once you overcome the setup challenges, the job is really enjoyable.”

How have you managed to stay connected with the team whilst remote working?

“Within the QA team, we stay very connected and talk frequently. At the end of each day, I run something called the ‘QA Show’ with the rest of the QA team where we address any bugs that we’ve come across and have a general catch-up. It’s a great way for us to stay on track and check-in with the wider team to ensure everyone’s good.”

Have you learned anything new in your time at FX?

“In my time at FX, I’ve learnt so much about connected devices, from functionality to how you deploy an app. I think there are misconceptions about Connected TV apps, for example, when friends ask what I do, they don’t understand that behind every TV app there’s a team of developers, designers and QA teams pushing frequent updates to ensure the app is working to the highest quality. Overall, FX has widened my perspective on how connected devices work.”

What is the most important piece of advice you would give to someone starting out at the beginning of your career path?

“I came into this field with little experience in QA, so one thing I’d say is that there are lots of free courses online to take advantage of to help benefit you. We work across quite a targeted area of QA, but as long as you have the right can-do attitude, awareness and ability to pick things up by listening to those around you, you’ll go far.

QA is a great career to get into if you enjoy apps and have an interest in Connected TV.”

What’s your favourite part about working at FX?

“Personally, I feel that the company culture at FX is spot on. As a company, we have a very strong identity and everyone seems to be working towards the same common goal which is very motivating.

On my first day at FX, I was extremely nervous to be in an office environment again after a bad experience previously, and the Co-Founder Matt welcomed me in and offered me a cup of tea, and something as little as that just set the tone for the rest of my time at the company. Everyone in the team is around to help you and everyone wants to see you do well, and I think that sets FX apart.

Another thing I enjoy about FX is that I am the in-house podcast producer. I love this role and overseeing the production of content for FX. It’s a really exciting time for the in-house podcast team; it’s sure to be a busy six months ahead with what we have planned.”

What would you like to see introduced at FX in the future?

“Nothing particularly introduced, but I’d like to see the company culture sustain as we scale up as a business. FX has it so spot on with the culture and this plays a huge part in everyone’s experience at the company.”

What would you like someone who’s interested in applying at FX Digital to know?

“If you’re interested in working here, this is genuinely one of the nicest and most supportive companies to work for. There is a common goal to keep employee morale high, and the HR department does a fantastic job with this.

If you want to get into an industry that’s extremely fast-growing, work for a company that can develop you both personally and professionally, then this is the place for you.”