Census One


An interactive experience to celebrate the release of ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’.

A 3D model of the word ‘ONE’ set amid a WebGL starfield, the experience evokes real cinematic emotion from the audience. The word itself is constructed from tweets, with content aggregated from Twitter and filtered by the hashtag #RogueOne. Each particle of the model represents a single tweet. The audience can rotate and zoom for a fuller view.

The result is a stunning interactive visual census of what fans have to say about the film, as well as showcasing what’s possible in today’s browser. Not only is the final piece highly engaging and interactive, but it also provides a way of visualising a large set of data in an immersive way.

Paired with an audio track to help to further reflect cinematic delivery, Census One has provided the R&D necessary to complete a number of our most recent commercial projects.