Digital Podge

Artificial Intelligence

A creative use of the latest in technology including WebGL and Microsoft’s Face API.

Each year a new agency takes on the challenge of creating a new identity and digital presence for the event. In 2018, FX Digital were approached by long term partners, LAB, to collaborate on what was to be the most exciting and creative Digital Podge event to date.

Responsible for the associated digital effort and faced with the theme, ‘Unconsciously Coupling; the act of initiating positive relationships without being aware of it’, FX Digital aimed to create an interactive digital experience that would encourage and compliment these relationships prior to and during the event.


The pre-event website comprises of an expressive WebGL hero, reveal on scroll event information and an interactive attendee graph. Whilst during the live event, individual profile pages for each attendee could be accessed by scanning a QR code from the guest’s event badge.

QR Codes on Badges
QR Codes on Badges
Event attendees scanned a QR code on their badge to view their profile, along with photos of them recognised by the Microsoft Face API

Using the latest in Microsoft Artificial Intelligence from the Azure Face API, FX populated each of these attendee profiles with facially recognised images from past events.

The event was a resounding success, and the creative technology delivered by FX Digital perfectly complemented the nostalgic theme of the event, and was praised by both the event organisers and attendees.


“You guys rock!!!! We have had so much fun and so much great feedback from this Digital Podge. You have raised the bar to a ridiculous level now for the next agency in line. Brilliant job.”

– Phil Jones

“Just wanted to say how incredible you all were to work with. You all took on so much and the results were knockout. Every little detail was super. Definitely a level above anything we’ve ever done and we know how much time went into making it all happen.”

– Clare Jones