Discovery Dplay

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A dynamic and adaptable TV application for one of the worlds largest content providers

Following the successful launch of Dplay in 2016 and acknowledging the success of leading video entertainment services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, Discovery looked to Smart TV as a further vertical to bring their vast amount of content to a new audience.

In February 2018, FX Digital developed a proof of concept for a television application in less than two weeks resulting in Dplay commissioning the R&D specialists to build and launch the app across four countries. Opting for an agile-run approach and breaking the project into looped sprints due to the tight deadline, FX worked incredibly closely with the Dplay product owners and design team to research, design and develop a web-based TV app suitable for Samsung Tizen and Android TV platforms.

FX delivered an MVP within six weeks, with an additional five months dedicated to further UX, design and development improvements. In December 2018, FX and Dplay launched the application across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland on the Samsung Tizen and Android platforms.

The web-based TV app houses show and episode content in rails allowing for a flexible and dynamic experience as users navigate through channels and content. The interface includes an initial login screen, home screen, channels listing, shows selector, and a custom-built video player that supports DRM enabled AVOD, VOD and live content.

Bespoke video player
Bespoke video player
A bespoke video player that includes Live, DRM, AVOD and Subtitles support.

“In its first month since launch, the application has been well received by the Dplay customers and accumulated over 30,000 downloads across Android TV and Samsung Tizen.”

FX continues to collaborate with Dplay to enhance the design and functionality of the app and video player as Discovery Inc extends the digital partnership.