We believe that all successful projects begin with knowledge and education. The technologies we work with are often emerging or relatively unknown, so we like to spend time providing new clients with insights into the technology through workshopping, and an extensive project plan through a Sprint 0.

The Project Lifecycle: Sprint 0, MVP, and Post-MVP

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01 Workshopping

Learn more about the project and technology. A workshop will help to bring alignment between team members and clarity to a project’s objectives.

02 Sprint 0

Make the project a reality. A 2 week Sprint 0 outputs user stories, user flows, wireframes, a draft technical architecture and a statement of work (SOW) for an MVP.

03 Project Sprints

Commence with the project. These sprints are the substance of a project and will iterate based upon the plan in the SOW until the project MVP is complete.

04 MVP

Launch the product to your audience. When completed, it will be time to launch the project MVP to your customers.

05 MVP Retrospective

Time for reflecting on the project. Following launch of the MVP it’s important for us to reflect on things that have gone well and where improvements can be made.

06 Project Sprints

An effective long term partnership. After launching an MVP we then look to iteratively improve and add features, releasing these to an agreed cycle.

FX Digital has a team of TV app development experts who have experience developing Tizen apps for Samsung Smart TVs. Our extensive services include consultancy, app development and quality assurance testing, developing cutting-edge Samsung TV apps to enhance your customer viewing experience.

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