Why choose FX Digital for Quality Assurance (QA)?

FX Digital has a dedicated TV app Quality Assurance (QA) Testing department. Our experienced QA team has a comprehensive on-site test lab with access to a plethora of real devices, regularly maintained to ensure our apps have up-to-date platform support. Our wide range of devices includes Smart TVs, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Playstation and Xbox. This selection of devices ensures that we are able to test your TV application across all major platforms, ensuring your app is optimised wherever it is deployed.

We offer QA for the TV Applications we develop and we also support businesses with their existing TV Applications by offering QA Testing support packages tailored to your individual requirements.

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OTT Platform Support

FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms

Our TV App QA Testing Services

Our TV App QA Testing services are extensive and rigorous, to ensure that your app is optimised and exceeds your users’ expectations.

We make full use of platform container app IDE capabilities, allowing our team to access the debug console for our devices. This means we can monitor network traffic and console logs which helps with identifying and troubleshooting issues.

  We document your requirements as user stories, which then feed directly into test scenarios. This means less deviation from your requirements.

  Your requirements form part of the automated regression test list. The user story requirements would be tested regularly to ensure that current development does not invalidate any previous work.

Rigorous End-to-End Testing

You can’t (and shouldn’t) automate everything. Our team regularly cross-references against platform submission guidelines to ensure platform-owner and end-user quality expectations are met and exceeded. We conduct extensive UX-focused exploratory testing. The User Experience is extremely important when building TV applications and often requires a real, human touch to get a feel for how the development is providing a fluid experience for the end-user.

Our team will test all facets of your app, including the entire user journey, from installation to the end goals.

Performance Optimised

Our team carries out performance testing of the TV app and its integrations, to accommodate larger user bases and those who may suffer from poorer network capabilities.

  Load testing: we ensure your app can perform under high stress from user traffic

  Bandwidth throttling: we recreate poor network conditions in the test lab to simulate behaviour and incorporate this into development accordingly

  Page loading times: We check page loading times and contributing factors as part of the testing process

Streamlining the Certification Process

Manufacturers are becoming increasingly demanding in their requirements for certification and often certification processes can appear mysterious to industry outsiders. We have existing relationships with major manufacturers which can streamline the certification process and ensure that we can help you prepare all the documentation and forms to deploy on your required platforms.

We offer QA and testing for the TV Applications we build and we also support businesses with their existing TV Applications by offering bespoke QA and Testing support packages.

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