FX Digital develops OTT applications across all major popular platforms. From consultation and strategy, to development, quality assurance testing, vendor certification and Digital Rights Management, our comprehensive OTT application services will help you on your journey to reach more customers. If you are looking to expand your audience and serve you content across a wider range of OTT devices and platforms, our team will work with you to create an OTT app tailored to what you need.

OTT or Over The Top

Refers to any streaming service that offers media to viewers via an internet connection, as opposed to traditional cable, broadcast or satellite TV services. Developing OTT apps allows viewers to instantly stream their favourite content via the internet on their connected device of choice, including:

The OTT App Revolution

The global OTT market size is growing exponentially as viewing habits favour 
OTT services over traditional services and OTT is now projected to reach a value of $86.80 billion by 2026. The growth of OTT has been driven by the changing viewing habits of audiences across the world, with the rise of:

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OTT platform support

FX Digital supports all major TV-connected devices and platforms

FX Digital has developed cutting-edge 
OTT applications

for Discovery Inc., GCN, Eurosport and DPlay. Our Eurosport OTT application serves 52 markets, in 14 languages, and delivers premium video content across online, mobile and connected TVs and devices. This OTT app features user authentication, dynamic content rails, a schedule of content and search.

We will work with you to develop an OTT app to your specifications and requirements, tailoring features to your content and audience demands. We ensure our OTT apps are developed with the functionality you need, including finding the right video player, video format, encryption and DRM solutions to optimise your OTT application.

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Accessing OTT Apps Worldwide

Major content producers have been building TV apps across these platforms for years to maximise their reach and audience and ensure they can be found everywhere their customers are. The market is now opening up to smaller and medium-sized content producers who have realised that OTT app development is an essential part of any distribution strategy.

Our team of OTT app developers build bespoke video players across all major platforms. Want to learn more?Get in touch