We can help you to discover how existing content can be transformed into an interactive Voice experience to engage your audience and increase your brand awareness. We can support you from ideation to launch and the marketing and promotional activities that follow.

The benefits of Alexa Skill Development

Building an app for Alexa, known as an Alexa Skill, enables users to interact with brands across Alexa-enabled devices, from Smart Speakers like the Echo to vehicles and home appliances.

Building a branded Alexa Skill can be an incredible addition to a content marketing plan, however, Alexa Skills can also be used to drive e-commerce, solve real issues for your users and even generate revenue of their own.

Our bespoke Alexa Skill design and development team will ensure we build an Alexa Skill that is tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

We have experience building award-winning Alexa skills for awesome brands like Contiki Holidays and Zodiak Kids. From fun and interactive games for children to practical skills that provide help for your users, we can help you formulate and develop a Voice application for your brand. FX Digital provides bespoke Alexa skill development workshops where we will give you the guidance you need to start developing an Alexa skill for your brand.

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Why Alexa Skill Development?

The two biggest players in the world of Voice are without question Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The two tech giants have gone head to head in the battle for Voice which has resulted in great strides and advancement in the technology.

Amazon is known for their tight grip over the Smart Speaker market, with their Alexa-enabled Echo devices – the Echo Dot, Echo Show and Echo Studio – ensuring they have the lion’s share of this market for now. But Alexa is not confined to Smart Speakers and Amazon has claimed that they have sold hundreds of millions of Alexa-enabled devices, with their virtual assistant integrated into more than 100,000 smart home products from over 9,500 brands.

Amazon Alexa’s large market share of both Smart Speakers and other Voice-enabled devices means that building a Voice skill for Alexa could potentially expand your audience by millions. Alexa offers a variety of features that allow us to create a bespoke Voice skill that is perfect for your needs.

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Alexa Skill Design

Our expert team of Voice designers specialise in Alexa skill design. Designing for Voice requires different skills to traditional visual interface design and there are a number of key ways to optimise your Voice skill design. Our team can enhance your Voice skill by creating a feature-rich Voice User Interface (VUI) that truly immerses the user.

In-Skill Purchasing (ISP)

Amazon Alexa features In-Skill Purchasing that allows brands to up-sell features and content within a Voice experience. This is a fantastic opportunity to create a new revenue stream from your Alexa Skill. To learn more about In-Skill Purchasing read our comprehensive guide here

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As a primarily Alexa Skill development agency with Alexa Certified Developers, FX Digital has experience winning award-winning Voice Skills for Amazon Alexa. If you want to discuss building an Alexa Voice Skill, Get in contact today

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