Marketing your Voice App effectively is the key to success

Like any product or service, a Voice App requires marketing, promotion and discoverability. It is important to remember when committing to a Voice project that it is not usually enough to just build a Voice App, you must ensure you have a Voice App marketing strategy. FX Digital provides comprehensive Voice marketing services – from app store optimisation to multichannel campaigns – to help your Voice experience reach your audience.

There are currently over 30,000 Voice Skills on Amazon’s Alexa Skills Store alone, all trying to be discovered 
by users. While the likes of Amazon, Google and Samsung are constantly working to increase ways to promote your Voice App within their platforms, there are a variety of ways to ensure users discover and engage with your 
Voice App.

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Our Voice App Marketing Services

App store optimisation

Whether you are building a Voice App for the Amazon Alexa Skills Store, the Google Assistant Actions Directory or Bixby’s Marketplace, there are some important best practises to employ in the development and certification stages so that your Voice App is optimised to surface in these App Stores.

Firstly, choose a unique invocation name (the phrase used to activate your app through your chosen Virtual Assistant), ensuring that is memorable, easy to pronounce and relevant to your App.

Next, ensure your Voice App description is informative, engaging and stokes the users interest. Similarly to web SEO, include keywords that users are more likely to search for.

Finally, encourage your customers to review and rate your Voice App. The more positive reviews the better, improving discoverability and providing social proof for potential new users.

Doing all of the above will certainly help attract users who are browsing these stores, as well as increase the likelihood of your App being recommended by a Virtual Assistant when a user asks a more generic question.

Social Media

Utilise your existing brand following to promote your new Voice App. Create visual assets to make your followers aware of your Voice App, how they can access it and what it will do for them. Promoting to your existing following doesn’t cost a thing, so make the most of your local audience.

If you want to take your social media strategy for Voice to the next level, run paid promotions to increase the reach and engagement of these assets and in turn increase interactions with your Voice App. Ads take on a variety of forms, from videos to carousels and vary from platform to platform. At their core, they allow you target the audience you want to tap into and help to expand your user base.

If you have the budget, reach out to the relevant Social Media influencers in your industry, some may feature your Voice App on their channel because they love it or others may charge 
you a fee.

Landing Page

Creating a landing page for your Voice Application is a crucial part of any Voice marketing strategy. A landing page will allow you to run a long-term web SEO strategy to help bring users to your App. Your page must be visually appealing, easy to use and help the user gain access to your Voice App. This gateway to your Voice skill can act as a great place to send potential customers who may be interested in using your Voice experience but aren’t sure where to start.


If your Voice App relates to a specific product, get creative and include inserts, leaflets and promotional material when shipping your product. Make sure this includes a clear Call to Action for your user and help them engage with your Voice experience.


If you have made a great Voice App, make sure you give it the PR it deserves. If it offers a truly unique experience or solves a real issue, there is every chance that national press, tech publications and relevant industry outlets will run a story about your Voice App.


Podcasts are a great place to advertise your Voice experience, with users already engaging with audio content when listening to an episode. Platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts host thousands of podcasts with millions of listeners. Find the podcasts that appeal to your audience and then advertise on these podcasts.


Video is a great medium to showcase your Voice experience. Create eye-catching videos that show your target audience interacting with your skill and let the viewer get a glimpse of the benefit they could be getting from your app. YouTube is an ideal platform to place these video ads.

Email Marketing

Tap into your existing mailing list by adding a Voice skill activation link into your e-newsletter. Inform your most loyal customers that your Voice skill exists and make it as easy as possible to start using it. Don’t forget to add a link to your skill in your own email signature and make this company-wide if possible.

Marketing support

Need support marketing your Voice Application? FX Digital offers Voice App marketing services, so drop us a line if you’re keen to learn more.

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