FX Digital has a proven track record of developing and designing engaging web experiences. We build custom web applications, and our projects have utilised a wide range of technologies including those at the cutting edge such as WebGL, Chatbots and Augmented Reality.

The technologies we work with are often emerging or relatively unknown, so we like to spend time providing new clients with insights into the technology through workshopping, and an extensive project plan through a Sprint 0.

We believe that all successful projects begin with a workshop, this allows us to work collaboratively with you and your team to explore the project requirements, gain an understanding of the success criteria and create alignment within the team on the delivery expectations.

Our team of Web development and design specialists will collaborate with you to ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the goals and aims of the project. Each session is tailored to the specific requirements of your brand, but ultimately each session will include:

The FX Digital team sharing insights into the relevant technology and platforms.

Exploring the project scope to create alignment on the key deliverables and success criteria of the project.

Clarity on how best to utilise your content for your Web app or project.

You will leave the session with a clear direction and plan for your Web project and actionable briefs that can be used to commence the initial building of your website or app prototype.

We then move into a two-week phase of work which we call ‘Sprint 0’. This involves prototyping your digital project, exploring technical requirements and meeting daily to capture feedback. At the end of this process we provide a detailed scope of work to deliver your project.

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Workshop activities

Creating Alignment

We create alignment in the team on the most important problems and challenges that your digital project needs to solve.

Customer Personas Exercise

We identify who your target audience is and create customer personas, clearly defining what they are trying to achieve.

Success Criteria

We identify who your target audience is and create customer personas, clearly defining what they are trying to achieve.

User Journey

We brainstorm and document the main steps that a user could take throughout your digital product to complete a certain action or task. We prioritise these user journeys into ‘must’, ‘should’, and ‘could’ categories.

Lightning Demos

A review of inspirational digital experiences and competitors that will help inspire the team on how to approach elements of the project across creative and development.



An outline of what needs to be delivered for your digital project. Including business and user objectives; project success criteria; and key challenges identified.

Documented customer personas. This includes your customer’s goals, motivations, frustrations and key tasks they are trying to achieve.

A collection of design inspiration, with documented feedback from the team on likes/dislikes.

Core user journeys that your digital project needs to fulfil.

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