Emma Sutehall: My Time at FX Digital

Emma joined FX Digital as an intern, working closely with the design team. In our Intern Spotlight feature, Emma recaps her time with us and details what she learnt during her three months at FX.

What did you achieve during your time at FX Digital?

I joined FX Digital in the design team; I felt like I achieved a lot in my short time at FX. Under the guidance of the team, I designed a website that included site maps as well as lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes. I was also able to conduct user testing & feedback.

During my time at FX, I interacted with multiple teams and participated in lots of meetings, giving me a really broad insight into the day to day operations of an agency.

What did you learn while you were with us?

I believe I learnt a lot as I was placed into the UX training academy and participated in regular design meetings with the team. I learnt everything, from producing a competitive analysis to creating user tests, wireframes & prototyping.

What did you like about the FX Digital culture?

The team included me in a variety of business processes during my time at FX and this meant I didn’t feel a spare part. I felt very included and the team are a very welcoming bunch.

Culturally, FX has lots of things going on, for instance, the regular Friday wings and after-work trips to the pub. During my time, I was fortunate enough to participate in the launch of the new FX Digital site over Zoom which was great fun.

I hope to stay in touch with the FX guys. Tom especially has been extremely helpful even after leaving. The mentorship he has provided has been fantastic.

How will this experience help you in your future career?

The skills I have learnt at FX have given me an excellent grounding in design which I can go on to develop throughout my career. The internship has proven to be the perfect foundation and it’s a shame I couldn’t have more time at FX!