FX Digital becomes Metrological’s newest Lightning Partner

We’re pleased to announce that FX Digital has been named an official Metrological Lightning™ Community Partner as part of its Lightning Partner Program.

The program provides TV operators and content providers with a worldwide network of resources to help bring high-performing Lightning™-based TV apps and user experiences to market faster and at the best quality possible. The Lightning Partner Program designation is for select app development firms, recognised by Metrological to have displayed consistent expertise with the Lightning development framework and SDK.

Lightning is an open-source, lightweight framework and Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing high-quality TV apps with great performance. It provides native-like user experiences for high-performant, browser-based TV apps on next-gen set-top boxes, as well as memory-constrained legacy devices. Lightning reduces the complexity of developing, onboarding, and maintaining apps across devices. A single Lightning app can be deployed across TV operators, OTT platforms, Smart TVs, and streaming devices, which reduces costs and time-to-market.

Becoming a Metrological Lightning Community Partner opens up many new opportunities for FX Digital, as our team can help our clients enjoy an additional level of coverage and discoverability across the Connected TV landscape globally. Standing out in this niche industry has never been more important, and officially being a part of the Lightning Partner Program will help us to showcase our experience and expertise with Lightning.

FX Digital’s Co-Founder and Managing Director, Matthew Duhig, said:
“It’s an honour to be officially recognised as a member of the Lightning Partner Program. Having built Lightning applications for global media clients, we’ve crafted an approach that helps us to realise exceptional levels of scalability, performance, and compatibility in the applications we build, whilst extending Lightning to also support Smart TVs, consoles, and streaming devices, as well as set-top-boxes it’s so well designed to deploy to. Having seen the impact Lightning can have for our customers, we are looking forward to a future in which we work more closely with Metrological to further enhance what’s possible on Connected TV.”

Mike Buxton, Head of Growth and Partnerships at FX Digital, said:
“Having worked closely with Metrological for many years our team has developed a deep understanding of the Lightning framework and how it can be applied to build performant applications that can be launched across a multitude of Connected TV devices. This partnership is the next step in strengthening our relationship with Metrological, helping to ensure that we can continue to provide the best possible service and quality of application to our customers.”

To learn more about Lightning – the portable and performant Connected TV app development framework – read our ‘Beginners’ Guide to Lightning’.