FX appoints Operations Director, Technical Director and People Director

FX Digital has appointed three long-standing team members to new directorship roles. This announcement comes as part of FX Digital’s growth strategy for 2021, after a year which saw the agency double in size from 20 to over 40 team members.

Former Operations Lead Luke Nutkins will step into the Operations Director role; former Technical Architect Warren Moore will become FX Digital’s Technical Director; and former Lead Developer Clayton Jones will take on the role of People Director. They will join co-founders Matthew Duhig (Managing Director) and Tom Smith (Creative Director) as company directors.

Luke Nutkins, Operations Director

Luke Nutkins has an eclectic background in sales and account management, digital project management, web design and software development. Luke has spent over 7 years in the creative and digital industries, first as a Project Manager and later as an Operations Lead.

In his new role as Operations Director, Luke will be responsible for evaluating the agency as a single entity, considering the most effective and efficient ways to ensure client success, while balancing creative and development output from a rapidly growing team.

Warren Moore, Technical Director

Warren Moore has had a passion for web development for over a decade. He started making websites as a freelancer back in 2010 whilst at the University of Warwick. He went on to co-found Verb Brands – an agency specialising in digital marketing, offering online advertising, social media and SEO in the luxury sector – where he also assumed the Technical Director role. After moving to Barcelona, Warren joined FX Digital as a technical architect across multiple OTT projects.

In his role as Technical Director, Warren will be responsible for the continued progression of technology and technical solutions at FX Digital, where he will use his vast knowledge of Connected Technology to advise on technical strategy across the business as a whole, and to also provide support to the technical architects and developers to ensure that the solutions being created for FX Digital’s clients are exceptional.

Clayton Jones, People Director

Clayton Jones was one of FX Digital’s first employees. Joining the team back in 2015 as an intern, Clayton quickly became an integral part of the team, naturally stepping into the role of Lead Developer. His passion for the culture and people at FX Digital and his care for and knowledge of the large development team, as well as his ambitions to take on a more people-focused role positioned him perfectly to take on the role of People Director.

Clayton will be responsible for promoting the growth, development and wellbeing of the FX Digital team. Clayton plans to put in place effective processes and tools for the recruitment, retention and growth of the team, while maintaining and advancing the great company culture at FX Digital.

Matthew Duhig, Co-Founder and Managing Director, said “The past few years have seen the business grow considerably and we now find ourselves in a position whereby we are consistently delivering world class solutions for global brands. It’s important now more than ever that we work hard to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology in our sector, have effective and efficient processes, and continue to place our team members at the heart of everything we do. Bringing Warren, Luke, and Clayton into these particular roles will allow us to continue with the rapid but sustainable growth we’ve experienced over the years, while also allowing for us to maintain the high standards of delivery that helped us to arrive here.

Both Tom and I are incredibly excited for what the future holds, and we’re delighted to be able to share in this excitement with the new Directors and the wider team.”

Luke Nutkins, new Operations Director, said “My aim is to collate and proliferate a data-driven and to-the-minute bird’s eye view of the agency, that myself and the other Directors can use to inform business decisions that affect the wellbeing of the agency, and most importantly, its people, today, tomorrow, and in 5 years’ time.

We need to be sure that we are building a business model that protects and encourages personal development, progressive thinking, perfect production, and profitability. I’m most looking forward to actively promoting client and colleague integration, increasing process efficiency and clarity, driving additional revenue opportunities and business growth, and just generally being the production face of the agency.”

Warren Moore, new Technical Director, said “I’m looking forward to continuing to grow both our current relationships and our larger OTT offering as a whole.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with our fantastic development team and others across the agency, especially as we have managed the difficult task of moving to all working from home whilst keeping the spirit of the agency alive, and I’m looking forward to bringing more of my experience to each of them and our clients.”

Clayton Jones, new People Director, said “In the role as People Director I’m excited to better support the development and growth of each individual in the team. I’ll be working closely with leaders across the business to foster a safe and exciting environment to create, learn and work together.

I’ll be looking to combine our research and development mindset with our value of innovation to audit how we work at FX; assessing and improving people-centric processes from recruitment and onboarding, personal and team growth through learning and feedback all the way through to our many ways of working day-to-day. We spend a lot of our time at work, so my aim is to continue to contribute to make FX a place where we can all get enjoyment, fulfilment and satisfaction from our work.”