Case Study: Livia’s Website Design

Web design

An awesome new website build for a rapidly growing vegan, “free-from”, sweet treats brand

The Challenges

The original Livia’s website dated back to 2015. Built at a time when the brand was in its infancy, as the business grew, the website design no longer reflected the refinement Livia’s had undergone. Recognising the need to take her business to the next level, Livia’s founder Olivia Wollenberg decided an entire rebrand was in order. This would involve doing away with the old site and creating a bespoke site from scratch. A site that would make the statement that Livia’s is ready to be one of the biggest players in their industry.

Web technology has improved drastically in the four years since the original website design. Like with most older websites, a number of functionality issues had built-up over time. Moreover, the business had outgrown the old site, requiring a more sophisticated design and user experience. 

Livia’s business levels now also demanded feature rich e-commerce functions, with a reliable web store to drive online sales. Furthermore, with 70% of its users coming from mobile devices and an old site designed for desktop, there was a clear need to rethink the design of the site to make it more appropriate for the majority of users.

The Solutions

In the design phase we took a “mobile first” approach, designing every screen for mobile. This ensured the development team had a clear direction when building the responsive elements of the website. Furthermore, we developed additional features such as Apple Pay, mobile menus, filters and custom animations. This creates an even more enjoyable and seamless user experience.

Having undergone a rebranding, our design team was able to draw inspiration from new visual assets to guide their process. Our team followed the theme and style set by the branding agency, adapting it and refining it for the website design, while taking advantage of the beautiful new packaging designs for Livia’s products.

Livia's website design on desktop and mobile

With functionality in mind, the “Shop” page topped our list of priorities. We felt it key to provide each product range with its own category in the sub navigation menu. This ensures that users can find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Our design means that users can click on a product range, which scrolls the user down the page to the relevant product. The result was a less cluttered and more structured page.

Our team focused on bringing more effective filtering to the “Recipes” and “Blog” pages. This allows users to more effectively and efficiently discover the recipes and posts they are searching for. On the homepage and “Our Story” section we introduced parallax scrolling with custom animations. This makes the visuals really stand out.

A key feature lacking from the previous website built was an account section. This was an essential part of the new build. Having an account area allows users to store their personal details for a speedy checkout process. As well as this, users can view their transactional history such as past and present orders from within their account. While we maintained the guest check-out function, we built an Account functionality to improve UX and help encourage sales for Livia’s.

Before embarking on the website overhaul, Livia’s was receiving a large amount of emails from customers wanting an update on their order. We introduced a branded, automated email system which follows a three-step process explained below:

1. User makes a purchase (user receives “Thank you for your order” email)

2. Order is marked as shipped (user receives “your order has been shipped, you should expect delivery in 3-5 working days” email)

3. Automated email sent out one week after delivery has been complete (user receives email recommending other products, with links to related products, so the customer can click straight through to the online shop)

In addition to this, customers also receive an email when they create an account, as well as an email when they sign up to the mailing list – this email includes a personalised discount code.

Automated emails help build confidence in customers. Receiving regular communications on an order while waiting for delivery, vastly improves the user experience. In turn, this reduces the amount of email enquiries received by the customer support team, with customers chasing up where their order is. 

Furthermore, automated, branded emails have opened up the opportunity for Livia’s to interact with their customers. They can now highlight new products, ask for feedback or offer discounts. 

The Results

Livia’s new website launched on October 16th and in the first 24 hours, received over £10,000 worth of orders.

Results and feedback will be continuously monitored and FX Digital will update our readers on Livia’s new website’s progress.