Mission Control

Web design

An immersive website to support the film release of ‘Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo’.


Telling the stories of the mission control teams that put astronauts into space, man on the moon, and safely guided the crew of Apollo 13 back to Earth, the film stars original team members, including flight director, Gene Kranz. FX Digital were asked to design and develop the supporting website for Haviland Digital’s insightful project.

Our main aims were to grow Mission Control’s audience and build anticipation for the film’s release. We also needed to consider a drive to encourage users to purchase merchandise and the film itself on iTunes. Our approach was to create a rich multimedia experience that gives visitors a flavour of the film.

By targeting space enthusiasts we were able to give the website a solid grounding. Using live action archive footage we gave the site a sense of depth and authenticity, while delivering an intuitive experience for the user. Iconic shots are threaded throughout the backgrounds of each section, drawing the user into the experience, while an optional soundtrack creates a powerful ambience.

The FX Digital team also developed an interactive map of the NASA control room to give users further insight into the world of Mission Control. This illustrated app takes inspiration from classic gaming interfaces, lacing period photographs through descriptions of each key position.

WebGL interactive content
WebGL interactive content
users can explore mission control .

Traffic to the merchandise site dramatically increased following the launch (pun intended) and the site continues to drive traffic to the iTunes store, supporting Mission Control in reaching its #2 spot on the US iTunes documentary charts.

You can buy Mission Control online, or find out more about FX Digital and our projects in our case studies directory.