R&D Roadmap


Creating Highly polished models in AR AI for creating 3D models Fire TV Voice Game Understanding Laravel WebAPIs on Alexa APL - WW2 Globe in WebGL? Stripe Connect - Research Alexa - In Skill Purchase Bixby Voice Assistant Baidu DuerOS Playstation VR FX Immersive Haptic Feedback Project Alexa - Charity Alarm Blockchain - Golem (Machine Learning) 360 Video of Office Internet of Things AR Kit Project Digital Installation Data Visualisation Alexa Monzo Application Leap Motion Magic Leap SLAM - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Drones and 360 Footage Wearable Technology TV Application Development Mobile Application Development - React Native etc. Face/Expression Detection Holograms Hololens Project Cloud Rendering

In Progress

AR in publications AR - Portals Facebook Messenger WordPress Bot

Near Term (Within 3 months)

Medium Term (Next 6 - 12 months)

Google AI

Long Term

Spark AR - Christmas Card


Snapchat Lens Console Application Development Alexa Fire TV Playstation - WebApp Alexa Voice Game Competition Voice visualisations 360 Art & Music Documentary CandyBox Facial Recognition Alexa - WordPress Q/A Plugin 3D Island Experience Android TV Alexa - Game eco challenge Image Scanning and Mapping Prototype Alexa gmail Application Particle Effect Experiments Alexa Beta (Term Times) Unity Shooter Game Google Assistant App Alexa Skills Project Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)


Virtual Reality A car interface responding to hand gestures