R&D Roadmap


Snapchat Lens Alexa - Charity Alarm AR - Portals Playstation VR 360 Video of Office Alexa Monzo Application Digital Installation Data Visualisation Leap Motion Magic Leap SLAM - Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Drones and 360 Footage Wearable Technology Internet of Things TV Application Development Console Application Development Mobile Application Development - React Native etc. Face/Expression Detection Holograms Facebook Messenger Bot Cloud Rendering Blockchain - Golem (Machine Learning) AR Kit Project Hololens Project

In Progress

FX Immersive Playstation - WebApp

Near Term (Within 3 months)

Alexa Fire TV

Medium Term (Next 6 - 12 months)

Google AI Virtual Reality

Long Term

Spark AR - Christmas Card A car interface responding to hand gestures Haptic Feedback Project


Alexa - WordPress Q/A Plugin CandyBox Alexa - Game Facial Recognition eco challenge Alexa Voice Game Competition 3D Island Experience Particle Effect Experiments Voice visualisations Image Scanning and Mapping Prototype Android TV 360 Art & Music Documentary Google Assistant App Alexa Beta (Term Times) Alexa gmail Application Unity Shooter Game Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) Alexa Skills Project