Tech Talks 2017 Roundup

by Matthew Duhig, 15th September 2017

Following an invitation from London SIGGRAPH we were lucky enough to exhibit and speak at the recent Tech Talks 2017 event.

Held at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly, the event was attended by over 500 people from across the visual effects space and was an incredible experience. It also gave us an opportunity to showcase the exciting possibilities for 3D and VR on the web.

From a stand in the main hall we shared our recently created WebVR game that throws its audience into an immersive virtual reality experience where the player is tasked with reaching the end of a train track, shooting rocks to refuel along the way.

The game was enjoyed by many, with a number of players expressing their surprise at what was possible from their phone with an inexpensive Google Cardboard headset. As well as giving us a chance to share the latest product of the FX Digital research and development team, it also helped to give us a real hands-on insight into just how many modern devices can now render virtual reality content on the web.

Alongside the FX exhibition we had the pleasure of speaking in the main theatre. FX co-founder, Matthew Duhig, shared his insights into the state of 3D and virtual reality online, giving examples of recent projects developed by the FX research and development team including Census One, the London SIGGRAPH model viewer, the Mission Control experience and, of course, the Virtual Reality game.

We were also able to take a peek at what some of the other speakers shared, and in particular were amazed by the stunning work produced Kai Wolter and the MPC team on the water effects for the recent Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales film.

With this being our second year speaking at Tech Talks we’re now looking forward to the possibility of taking part next year, by when we have no doubt we will have more exciting and immersive web experiences to share.