White Paper: Autonomous Vehicles & Connected TV

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With consumer habits changing at a pace unseen ever before, two technologies have enjoyed significant growth in recent times: streaming consumption and autonomous driving.

Streaming consumption has skyrocketed. As of 2021, streaming is up 266% globally over the last three years, signifying how great an impact this form of media consumption has become. Autonomous driving on the other hand has seen a real uptake from drivers, with autonomous driving potentially becoming the main way to travel in a car in years to come. Autonomous vehicles are vehicles capable of sensing their environment and operating without human involvement. This then poses the question, how much appetite is there for Connected TV to completely take over the in-car entertainment experience?

In our latest white paper, we reveal all when it comes to Connected TV and autonomous driving, digging deeper into the roles the two will play, and how they can work in harmony going forward. We also take a look at some examples of car manufacturers who have already taken the plunge into this relatively new realm to uncover how the two industries are set to collide and create new all-in-one entertainment hubs on wheels.

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