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FX Digital worked with Discovery to integrate and launch discovery+ across Comcast & Cox Set-Top-Boxes

Following the successful launch of the discovery+ app across Samsung Tizen Smart TVs, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, FX Digital worked with Discovery to integrate and launch discovery+ across Comcast & Cox Set-Top-Boxes.

Premium content at your fingertips

Discovery+ is Discovery’s standalone, premium streaming platform. Boasting upwards of 18 million paid subscribers, the platform brings together content from Discovery’s most popular TV entertainment channels, including HGTV, Food Network, TLC and Animal Planet.

After a successful launch in the US on Samsung and Xbox One, FX Digital and Discovery collaborated to extend application support for Comcast and Cox STB (Set-Top-Box) platforms.


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Launching an epic streaming service across renowned STB platforms

Comcast’s suite of OTT technology includes the Xfinity Flex streaming platform, the XiOne streaming set-top box and the new XClass 4K TVs that recently launched from Hisense. By launching discovery+ onto Comcast devices, Discovery is now available to a further 18.5 million Comcast subscribers in the US.

Furthermore, FX Digital worked with Discovery to also launch the app onto Cox devices in Canada, which license Comcast’s Xfinity X1 platform.

When integrating the discovery+ app with the Comcast and Cox devices of varying hardware specifications, the team had to ensure that the application was performant across all devices, including lower-end devices with limited CPU.

Two major features include account linking, which enables a user to link their discovery+ and Comcast accounts, ultimately exposing discovery+ content higher on universal search and recommended content. Secondly, the team was able to integrate with the Comcast In-App-Purchasing API allowing discovery+ customers to sign-up through the application and pay for their discovery+ subscription through their Comcast bill.

The team also had to ensure the application met Comcast’s and Cox’s vendor requirements, including features such as deep linking, remote voice control and screen savers.

Ultimately, FX Digital were able to collaborate with Discovery to successfully launch discovery+ across millions of new devices in North America, vastly expanding the application’s reach and providing users with a consistent and performant experience with an array of features to enhance their experience.