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The new GCN application launched in Europe and North America across 3 platforms; Samsung Tizen, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

GCN+ is the Global Cycling Network’s new premium live and on-demand streaming service for cycling fans around the globe. GCN+ gives cycling fans access to top-level road, cyclo-cross and track content as they unfold live, uninterrupted and ad-free.


A new premium live and on-demand streaming service for cycling fans around the globe

FX Digital worked with GCN to develop a feature-rich TV application that allows cycling fans around the globe the opportunity to consume cycling content like never before. The new GCN application launched in Europe and North America across 3 platforms; Samsung Tizen, Android TV & Amazon Fire TV. GCN+ launched in February 2021 across 59 territories and boasts an incredible library of live races, shows, documentaries, YouTube content and more.


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Cycling like you’ve never seen before

Our team worked with GCN to develop an application that launched across Samsung Tizen, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Through the development of an optimised Javascript application that integrated with native functionality of the various vendor platforms, we were able to create a performance and feature-rich TV experience, bringing high-quality cycling content to fans via an on-demand streaming service.

FX Digital helped to ensure the app runs seamlessly and provides cycling fans with an incredibly high-quality user experience by including stand-out features for the GCN+ application to take their platform to the next level. These key features include a keyless sign-in experience, outstanding design elements and incredibly clean rails with stand-out imagery. Our team working on this project guided GCN through the different options for their application to help them better understand the limitations and complexities. With our team’s tremendous expertise and guidance, we went on to help create stunning visuals and an incredible UI, as well as deliver on the functionality required by GCN.

Working collaboratively with GCN in line with their strategy and by providing our technical expertise and knowledge, we delivered a new platform that has helped to elevate GCN’s brand and propel them into the world of Connected TV. Key functionality on the GCN+ application includes user authentication, dynamic content rails and search, which all tie together to create a fiercely competitive streaming solution for the GCN brand.

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GCN had previously never considered entering into the realm of TV as their main focus was across web and mobile devices, meaning the team faced many challenges in terms of structuring, planning and architecting a TV application that would help shift GCN’s strategy across to Connected TVs. Nonetheless, the effort from the enthusiastic teams at both FX Digital and GCN allowed for a seamless relationship and a successful project that launched to cycling fans around the world.

The FX Digital design team created eye-catching designs, optimised for the best possible Connected TV experience. Taking inspiration from the topography that cyclists must overcome as they race over hills and climbs, our designs weaved in subtle contours to the sign-in screen and home hero image, a tasteful nod to the essence of cycling. To account for the unique considerations of designing for Connected TV, we carefully selected darker tones for the larger hero image on the homescreen in contrast to the attention-grabbing, colourful content cards designed previously by the GCN team. The hero also displays key metadata (as opposed to the content cards) to keep the rails clean, but ensure the user has all the information they need to navigate the app.

The GCN+ OTT app adheres to the Web Accessibility Initiative, to ensure that the app is digitally inclusive and provides a fully accessible and optimised user experience. This means the app is accessible to more users, as we have included closed captioning within the video player.

The FX Digital Quality Assurance team worked with the team at GCN to provide rigorous quality assurance testing throughout the whole development process to optimise functionality and provide the best possible experience for GCN+ users. Using FX Digital’s 200+ device testing lab, our team was able to test the application on relevant legacy devices spanning back many years to ensure optimum functionality across different compatible models.

Working in close collaboration with the team at GCN and providing our expertise and knowledge throughout the process, we helped to create a ground-breaking new streaming service that the cycling world has never seen before. We developed an application that provides cycling fans with a cinematic experience from the comfort of their own home. We contributed to the creation of the app across 3 major platforms; Samsung Tizen, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV, providing a TV experience like no other. The app passed vendor testing across all vendors and successfully launched worldwide in February 2021.

We continue to work with GCN to support the ongoing development and maintenance of their Connected TV application.