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FX Digital collaborated with Eurosport to provide a premium viewing experience for their extensive coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Following the success of our work with Eurosport and the launch of Eurosport Player in 2019, FX Digital has continued to work with Eurosport to support the development of their application across Connected TV platforms. FX Digital collaborated with Eurosport to provide a premium viewing experience for their extensive coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Europe’s number one on-demand multi-sport OTT service

Eurosport Player is the live and on-demand multi-sport OTT service – available on all screens – from Eurosport, Europe’s number one sports destination and a leading Discovery, Inc. sports brand. Eurosport Player remains the only European-wide sports OTT streaming service, available in 52 markets and in 14 languages, and delivers premium video content across online, mobile and Connected TVs and devices.


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Developing an unparalleled viewing experience for the world’s most prestigious games

We worked with Eurosport on their web-based TV application which is supported across Connected TV platforms (including Samsung Tizen, Android TV, Amazon Fire) and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. For Eurosport’s Olympic coverage, we worked with the Eurosport product and project team on the development of an Olympics mode that allows the user to switch between Olympics content and the regular content on Eurosport Player. This ensured that the Eurosport application adhered to the International Olympic Committee’s broadcasting standards, as well as providing a great user experience for the audience by highlighting to the minute, live sports action from the Olympics while keeping Eurosport’s regular programme of VOD and live content within reach.

With Eurosport Player across such a large range of territories and markets, we had to ensure that appropriate geo-blocking and content restrictions were in place where appropriate.

Our team provided quality assurance testing throughout the development of the Eurosport Player features for the Olympics and provided 24/7 support throughout the games to ensure that viewing would not be interrupted.

Together, the Eurosport and FX Digital teams created a performant application across a wide range of devices and territories, with 100% uptime throughout the games, despite the huge amount of content being watched across so many different Olympic sporting events.

An incredible 1.3 billion minutes of Olympic content were consumed across Discovery’s digital platforms, led by the Discovery+ and Eurosport subscription services, and more than 47 million unique visitors also followed Eurosport’s Olympic coverage during the 17-day period of the Olympics.