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Why Apple TV & tvOS App Development?

FX Digital’s TV app development team can develop a TV app for your brand to deploy on Apple TV. We will put together a package tailored to your requirements and specifications, which can include consulting, development, design and quality assurance testing.

Apple TV is a set-top box launched by Apple as their venture into the OTT market. Apple TV’s price point is at the higher end of the market in regards to streaming devices, and uses internet to deliver on-demand content for the user. Apple TV app development involves building on Apple tvOS, an operating system built by Apple that is based on the well known iOS operating system. Apple have integrated Apple TV with their Voice Assistant Siri, allowing users to control their viewing experience with their voice. Our team of expert TV developers have experience developing on tvOS and can deliver a high performing and feature-rich Apple TV app for your brand.

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OTT Platform Support

FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms

The Growth of Apple TV

Apple TV has a market share of 5.6%, and this looks set to grow with their increasingly popular Apple TV+ SVOD service. Apple TV now has greater market share than Peacock, and is beginning to nip on the heels of HBO Max and its 7% market share. While their market share is overshadowed by the dominance of Roku and Amazon Fire TV, Apple’s dominance of the mobile market and their spending power means that Apple TV should continue to grow its market share over the coming years. Apps developed for Apple TV are discoverable and downloadable on Apple’s App store, which is available on all iOS devices, making your App potentially discoverable across millions of devices worldwide.

Our Apple TV & tvOS App Development Services

Our team of Apple tvOS app development specialists have the specific knowledge of the tvOS SDK that allows us to develop TV applications optimised for delivery on Apple TV. FX Digital has experience in tvOS app development and design and our expert QA and Testing team ensure the delivery of high quality TV applications to your customer. We help our customers ensure their Apple TV applications are optimised for submission to the App Store so that your app is discoverable by the widest audience possible.

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