FX Digital specialise in creating fun, interactive and educational Voice experiences for brand’s with young audiences, across Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice technology is most popular among the young, with millennials and their children a key audience for the Voice market.

1.5 Million

kids use a Smart Speaker at least once a month


of parents say they typically use their devices while doing other things


a recent government report estimates that Voice assistants are in at least one in 5 homes in the UK

Enrich your audience’s experience

Kids are growing up with Voice assistants. For many children, Voice will be the first form of technology they experience. Parents favour Voice technology over mobile phones, tablets and computers because of concern over their children’s screen-time.

Voice experiences across Alexa, Google Assistant and Bixby offer both fun and educational opportunities. Voice can be a far more accessible medium for children with learning difficulties or disabilities, due to the hands-free, interactive nature of the technology.

Make safety a priority

FX Digital knows that brands care about user privacy. Brands want to create loyal and long-lasting relationships with consumers. Amazon has made important moves to ensure children’s privacy is safeguarded.

The child-friendly Echo Dot for Kids will filter out explicit lyrics on Amazon Music. It is also possible to disable news updates and any adult-themed questioning. Parents are also able to define their child’s age bracket to ensure content is tailored for their child.

Further, a dashboard of parental controls gives parents the option to limit how many hours their child can actually use their Echo. Tracking allows parents to keep an eye on any communications with or misuse of the device.

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Kids’ Voice apps – A new frontier, a new revenue stream

Creating a Voice experience offers a multitude of opportunities to engage with your audience. Kids are using smart speakers in a diverse range of ways – from playing music to telling jokes and playing games.

As the Voice landscape continues to thrive and grow, having a branded Voice experience will become as essential as having social media accounts and websites.

Amazon, in particular, is constantly innovating their Alexa Voice platform, implementing ways to monetise Voice experiences via In-Skill Purchasing and subscription service Fire for Kids Unlimited.