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We build Voice experiences across Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We understand that communication between brands and their customers is more important than ever. That is why we develop Voice Apps that bring us together, spark conversations and get people talking.

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Having a Voice strategy has become an essential channel for brands, marketers and advertisers worldwide.

An estimated 157 million smart speakers owned by U.S. households

At least 1 in 5 of every UK home possessing a smart speaker

With these staggering statistics, there is a growing expectation among consumers that their favourite companies should have a branded voice experience.

Reach new customers and expand your existing audience.

Enhance your brand persona with an unforgettable Voice Experience.

Discover new revenue streams through Voice apps.

Voice Assistants are changing the way we interact with technology

With devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home found in homes across the world, there is an estimated six hundred million people currently using voice assistants at least once a week. Custom Voice applications increase touchpoints with consumers and engage customers at a new level of personalisation and convenience.

What makes Voice technology so unique is its accessibility. Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants are empowering users with disabilities to interact and connect with the internet in ways that were not possible before. The hands-free nature of the technology also makes Voice the technology of choice with children and the elderly, where Smart Speakers have proved particularly popular.

Brands that adopt a comprehensive and long-term Voice strategy can still benefit from the first-mover advantage, gaining the upper-hand on your competitors and leading innovation in your industry.

Voice App Development is not restricted to the consumer market. Voice solutions for business and internal comms are becoming increasingly popular and have been proven to boost productivity and improve communications.

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Amazon Alexa

Create cutting-edge Voice experiences for Amazon Alexa

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Our Voice App Development Services

FX Digital is leading the Voice App Development in London. We specialise in Voice App Development across devices including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, creating award-winning Voice experiences and apps across industries – from travel and property to children’s television and public health.

Through an initial strategy and consultation phase, we help identify how Voice technology can be used to best reach your audience. When developing a Voice application, we ensure that we are providing value to the user, while encouraging repeat use and creating an unforgettable brand experience. We deploy analytics that allows you to monitor the usage and performance of your Voice experience post-launch, offering insights into how customers are interacting with your brand through Voice and helping you to maximise your Voice application’s potential.

Our specialist team of passionate Voice Assistant App Developers provide a bespoke and expert service, guiding you through the process from initial development through to launch. Our Voice Marketing experts support the promotion of your Voice experience to ensure it’s reach is maximised.

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