The FX Digital journey began with website development. We have a proven track record of delivering award-winning, high-performance websites for brands from a wide array of backgrounds. Our experienced team of web developers and designers tailor their approach specifically to your requirements and needs, offering effective solutions to problems, no matter the complexity.

Designing for Web

Good website design involves in-depth research and placing your user at the heart of the experience. Our User Experience (UX) process follows the double diamond method, as explained below:

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01 – Discover

The discovery phase is dedicated to user research and market research. During this phase, we collect as much information as possible and talk to all potential target users to discover their goals, motivations and frustrations.

02 – Define

The insight gathered from the discovery phase helps us define your challenges in a different way, Here, we look to the connections and commonalities in our research, to clarify and confirm the creative brief.

03 – Develop

The second diamond encourages people to give different answers to the clearly defined problem, seeking inspiration from elsewhere and co-designing with a range of different people – this is where we come up with a multitude of creative options and solutions, for your business problem.

04 – Deliver

The final stage of the process is to narrow down our list of potential creative solutions and settle on a final one to move into the design, build, test and iteration phases to fulfil your brief and solve your challenges.

Designing for Web

When designing for websites it is crucial to crafting a unique, eye-catching look and feel. We create engaging and interactive designs that grab the users attention while remaining simple and easy to use.

Responsive Designs

We know the importance of Responsive Designs and that is why we ensure our designs are responsive across a huge range of devices and our web builds are always optimised for both web and mobile.

Web Development

We specialise in large website builds for global brands. We love to create feature-rich web builds with stunning designs. Our wealth of experience and R&D led approach means we are hungry for projects that challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of web development.

Development Process

We take an Agile approach to software development. This emphasizes the rapid delivery of the application in small functional units.

01 – Sprints

We work in short sprints of around two weeks each to deliver well designed, working software bit by bit.

02 – Setting Priorities

At the start of a sprint, we set priorities with you for the work to be accomplished in that sprint.

03 – Regular Check-Ins

We meet (or virtually stand-up) on a daily basis to talk about what we’re doing and clear any roadblocks.

 04 – Report & Feedback

At the end of the sprint, we demonstrate the work that’s been accomplished and get your feedback. FX will produce a full progress report.

05 – Starting A New Cycle

We then set new priorities with you for the next sprint. Through that process, you interact with the designs and software we’re developing and give us feedback that allows us to refine things further.

Hosting & Security

We partner with Digital Ocean and Sucuri to ensure your website is hosted securely:

We use Digital Ocean’s Droplets and Networking to host 
our sites

We use Sucuri as a website firewall between DO and the users


Our website builds are Search Engine Optimised. We carry out all of the essential fundamentals to help preserve and enhance your websites ranking on major search engines.

QA Testing

Our Quality Assurance team will put your website through rigorous testing across devices pre-launch, to ensure that the website is fully functional and provides the perfect experience for your users.


Your journey with us doesn’t end after your website is launched. We offer bespoke support and servicing packages tailored to individual requirements, to ensure that your website is well maintained.