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Why choose FX Digital?

Since it was established in 2011, FX Digital has remained at the forefront of technological research and development, elevating our digital solutions to new, cutting-edge heights. Thanks to this, we’ve developed incredible LG TV apps for many clients, working with them to deliver powerful and engaging results that garner new audiences – sometimes in the millions.

Innovation and passion lie at the heart of how our team of experts operate, deploying LG TV apps for our clients quickly and with confidence in our work. We’re always looking forward to the latest digital trends, keeping an eye on the industry’s movements to capitalise on them for maximum impact. When you choose FX Digital as your LG TV app development partner, you can look forward to working with a communicative, intuitive team of digital experts.


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Why choose LG for your TV App?

As a TV manufacturer, LG holds some persuadable stakes when it comes to choosing the right platform for your app. LG Smart TVs use webOS, which has been praised by many as an operating system that boasts smooth functioning and an impressively reflexive UI. LG Smart TV apps are listed on the LG App Store, which is also commonly referred to as the LG Content Store. By being listed here, your app will become discoverable for millions of LG users, raising the potential for customer engagement tenfold. Here at FX Digital, we have ample experience working with LG and its UI, meaning we have the first-hand experience in developing stunning apps for the LG App Store. We’ll use this expertise to deliver an application that meets – and exceeds – your vision.

FX Digital can deliver a feature-rich LG Smart TV application for your brand. We advise, collaborate and work with your team to develop a TV app to your specifications. We will work with you to discover if LG is the right platform for your content and brand and how to optimise your TV app for the LG Operating System.

South Korean TV manufacturers LG currently hold the second largest share of the global TV market with 18.5% of consumers choosing LG, second only to Samsung. This makes LG an extremely important channel for any content provider thinking about developing a TV application.

LG Smart TVs use webOS, an open-source Linux kernel-based operating system. LG’s webOS has been heralded for its slick design and impressive UI capabilities. TV apps developed for LG are discoverable on the LG app store also known as the LG Content Store. FX Digital have experience working with webOS and can maximise the potential of this renowned Operating System.

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Our LG & webOS App Development Services

Our team of LG webOS developers have thorough knowledge of the platform and are experienced in building and designing impressive TV applications for LG televisions. FX Digital developed an LG TV app for Discovery’s Dplay brand, which launched across Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and included SVOD, AVOD and live capabilities.

Our comprehensive service includes consultancy, app development and quality assurance testing, to build a webOS app that is optimised for your customers viewing experience. Like all TV platforms, no two are exactly the same and both our developers and designers will ensure that your TV application is built to LG’s specifications. Our QA testing team have experience successfully getting TV apps certified and onto the LG Content Store.

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FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms