Our Video Player Development Services

Developing an application for TV is not usually straightforward and that is why brands turn to companies like FX Digital to help build and optimise all aspects of their TV application. One of the most important elements to consider when building a TV application is the type of Video Player you use to deliver your content.

Our process involves working with you to build a bespoke video player that is optimised to deliver to your requirements. Our service includes deciding whether to implement video natively or via the web; choosing the right video format for your content; encryption and DRM (Digital Rights Management); and bespoke functionality.

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OTT Platform Support

FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms

Video Players

Web players (including Dash.js, Shaka, hls.js,) generally use a webview enabling the use of HTML5 and JavaScript, treating content in the same way a browser would. Native players (which can be found on platforms like Samsung, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Playstation, Roku etc.) provide a base platform to deliver video content. However, they can prove to be challenging when it comes to supporting important functionalities such as Digital Rights Management, analytics and ad delivery.

Video formats

The adaptive HTTP streaming technologies solution you choose will change the quality and speed of the video content that the audience receives. Our team is able to advise the best solution based upon your content and platform requirements, including:

MPEG Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (MPEG-DASH)

Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS)

Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS)


Content protection involves digitally masking your videos so that they are hidden from being intercepted or viewed illegally. With the rise of piracy, content protection has become an important mechanism to prevent users from copying, redistributing, or converting content in a way that is not explicitly authorised by the content provider. Content protection has become crucial for content providers who want to maximise their revenue and prevent their content from being stolen. There are a number of content protection technologies which can be implemented to protect your content including:




As well as DRM (Digital Rights Management) services such as:




The DRM encryption provider you choose will depend on the level of security you desire and we are able to provide guidance on the most suitable solution for your brand, content and budget.


It is possible to develop Video Players that have an array of functionalities that improve the user experience and provide an optimised player. From the ability to deliver live content and VOD, to playback controls, subtitles, multiple audio tracks and autoplaying the next piece of content – these functions are what more and more users expect when using a video player. Our team of expert Video Player developers are able to implement the functionalities your content and audience requires, providing cutting-edge Video Players that your users will love.

Video Player Development with FX Digital

FX Digital has a team of video player development specialists who can help you develop a video player to your requirements and specifications. Our comprehensive video player development services can help you craft a video player to suit your content and impress your audience. We have experience developing video players for global media brands across a variety of platforms.

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