Why VOD App Development?

VOD or Video On Demand refers to the users ability to choose when they watch video content. VOD has become increasingly popular in place of traditional broadcasting services that do not give the audience as much flexibility over their viewing choices.

FX Digital develops VOD applications across all popular platforms. Our VOD app development services include consultation and strategy, development, quality assurance testing, vendor certification and Digital Rights Management. Our team of VOD app development experts will collaborate with you to create a VOD app tailored to your requirements and expectations, to help you reach new customers and increase your audience.

OTT or Over the Top refers to any streaming service that offers media to viewers via an internet connection, as opposed to traditional cable, broadcast or satellite TV services. VOD and OTT (Over the Top) are often confused and for the most part can be used interchangeably because they are both terms that usually refer to services that offer content via the internet instead of traditional broadcasting. However, the major difference is that VOD is not always OTT. This is because some OTT platforms may, for example, only stream live content (such as sport). If an OTT set-top box only allowed for live content via the internet, then this is not VOD because the user cannot choose when they watch content.

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The Rise of VOD Apps

VOD has become the method of choice for so many content producers because it offers many benefits when compared with traditional broadcasting. This is because VOD can be monetised in three key ways:


Advertising based Video on Demand – Video content is free 
to access and view, however, the user must watch adverts during their viewing experience. YouTube is the greatest example of AVOD.


Subscription Video on Demand – Users must pay a subscription fee to access and view content, but typically are then able to consume content uninterrupted by ads. Netflix is arguably the most successful SVOD service.


Transactional Video on Demand – The opposite of SVOD, TVOD content is accessed and viewed on a pay-per-view basis. iTunes use TVOD to sell and rent movies and tv shows

Building a VOD application is no longer just an option for the major players in the content industry (such as Netflix and Amazon). Small and medium-sized content producers are also finding that they can reach larger audiences while generating larger amounts of revenues than traditional broadcasting would offer. There is a wide range of benefits to developing a VOD application for content creators and distributors:

Tap into a new revenue stream

The SVOD market is growing at an unprecedented rate, with an estimated 714 million subscribers worldwide

Grow your audience

The VOD market is projected to reach US$87.1 billion by 2025

Monetise your content

The AVOD market is worth £5 billion in the UK and revenue has been predicted to reach $56 billion globally by 2024

Our VOD App Development Services

FX Digital has a wealth of experience developing VOD apps. We have developed apps for Discovery Inc., GCN, Eurosport and DPlay. Our Eurosport VOD application serves 52 markets in 14 languages, delivering premium video content across online, mobile and connected TVs and devices. Our VOD apps feature user authentication, dynamic content rails, a schedule of content and search.

Our team of VOD app developers specialise in creating bespoke VOD applications across a massive array of platforms. We can deploy AVOD, SVOD and TVOD solutions based on the needs of your business and ensure that you have the VOD player that suits your audience and brand.

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