Why build for Samsung TVs?

FX Digital has a team of TV app development experts who have experience developing Tizen apps for Samsung Smart TVs. Our extensive services include consultancy, app development and quality assurance testing, developing cutting-edge Samsung TV apps to enhance your customer viewing experience.

Samsung is the world’s leading TV manufacturer, with an impressive 21% of the global Smart TV market. Samsung has dominated the TV market place since 2006 and they have managed to retain market share with a strong and progressive OTT offering.

TV applications for Samsung are listed on the Smart Hub store, which features hundreds of apps available for download, including Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. If you are looking to develop a TV application, Samsung should definitely be in your plans. With their leading market share, Samsung TV app development could potentially expand your audience by millions.

Our team of Samsung TV app developers have developed Samsung apps for major media brands, including Eurosport and DPlay. These Tizen apps serve 52 markets in 14 languages, and delivers premium video content across online, mobile and connected TVs and devices. Our Samsung apps are feature-rich with user authentication, dynamic content rails, a schedule of content and search.

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OTT Platform Support

FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms

Our Samsung & Tizen App Development Services

Tizen OS, Samsung’s operating system, is an industry leader. Tizen is an open source software, however Samsung owns elements of the Software Development Kit. Tizen was designed to use HTML applications which makes the recommended approach web-based when developing TV apps for Samsung.

Our experienced team of Tizen OS developers and designers are adept at building and deploying applications on Samsung TV. We will work with you to develop a customised app that is tailored to your requirements and specifications. With a diverse and wide range of Smart TV models, testing your TV app is a crucial step in developing a TV application. Our expert team of QA testers will ensure that your Samsung TV app works across the widest number of Samsung devices available, maximising your audience potential.

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