FX Digital specialises in TV app development across multiple platforms, providing the rich functionality consumers desire. We are an award-winning agency with in-house development teams, helping us to deliver products effectively and efficiently.

We believe that all successful projects begin with knowledge and education. The technologies we work with are often emerging or relatively unknown, so we like to spend time providing new clients with insights into the technology through workshopping, and an extensive project plan through a Sprint 0.

We start the TV app development process with an action-orientated, online workshop that enables senior team members to identify the opportunities Connected TV has for your brand and content.

Our team of TV app development and design specialists will collaborate with you to ensure your team has a clear understanding of the technology and how it could apply to your business. Each session is tailored to the specific requirements of your brand, but ultimately each session will include:

The FX Digital team sharing insights into the technology and platforms, reviewing your content library and audience.

An in-depth exploration of the Connected TV landscape, providing a greater understanding of the technology.

Clarity on how Connected TV technologies can be applied to your brand and content.

You will leave the session with a clear direction and plan for your TV application and actionable briefs that can be used to commence the initital building of your Connected TV prototype.

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Workshop activities

What is Connected TV?

Introduction into Connected TV and it’s capabilities, including devices, adoption rates, the ecosystem, and revenue models.

Customer Personas Exercises

We identify who your target customers are and create a number of your customer personas.

Lightning Demos

We run live demos with existing Connected TV experiences to grasp the unique functionality and user journeys they provide, using them for inspiration.

User Journey

We brainstorm and map out the main steps that a user could take throughout a Connected TV experience of yours to complete a certain action or task.

The Opportunity

We identify problems that can be solved for your business through Connected TV and define what success looks like.

Technical Approaches

We discuss the various architectures that are available to you across Connected TV.



Opportunities identified where Connected TV can add value to your business

Documented customer personas

A summary of the possible technical approaches available

Actionable briefs that can be used to commence the building of your Connected TV prototype

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