Eco Challenge is an interactive voice based Amazon Alexa game. Users are given missions encouraging them to make subtle changes in their daily routines, each mission has a positive impact on the planet. Complete missions to rank up and become an Eco Warrior!

There are plenty of useful skills for Alexa, but there is not enough skill which is sensitive for ecology and environment friendly. As FX Digital, we took this case and decided to join Alexa Skill for Good Competition with a skill based on ecology.

At FX, we are always aware of improving environmental practices, for example, recycling according to the best practices and conserving energy with devices and machines at our workplace. Forming habits of being environmentally aware is important to the planet and our living space. The platform of Alexa allows us to design a natural and engaging way to help others to form the habits of being environmentally aware in a seamless way.

By performing and promoting eco-friendly daily habits, we can help to conserve and sustain our environment. The Eco Challenge Alexa skill uses the voice user interface to communicate with users in a natural and engaging way to encourage users to take extra environmentally conscious steps in daily basis. Voice interface make it quicker and easier to inform the user of concrete actions they can take, incorporate gaming elements and connect with user by digital communication. It is aimed to form a larger community and encourage more people to take action which is beneficial to the environment.

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