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Why choose FX Digital?

FX Digital was founded in 2011 and, over the last decade, has consistently remained one of the digital innovators at the cutting-edge of technological advancements, much like Panasonic themselves. Working with ingenuity and innovation, our 70-strong team of professional app developers delivers exceptional results time and time again. Thanks to our experience, we offer clients a feature-rich solution, including the capacity for OTT and VOD functions.

Whatever you envision for your app, we have the latest Panasonic TV developer tools needed to transform your vision into reality. Increase your potential audience by millions by investing in app development solutions provided by professionals in the field backed by more than a decade of experience.

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Why choose Panasonic for your TV App?

If you choose Panasonic as your choice of OTT app host, you’ll see it deployed on the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV, also known as HbbTV. HbbTV effectively homogenises operating systems from a range of the leading Smart TV manufacturers, including Panasonic, Samsung, LG, and Sony. This makes it easy, and efficient, to roll out your app on multiple devices at once, streamlining your capacity to reach millions of users.

Deployment onto Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV is a seamless process, and our team here at FX Digital will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth and stress-free roll-out of your Panasonic TV app across all of the available options. By opting to partner with the FX Digital team, you unlock a world of digital opportunity. As specialists in technological research and development, we’re consistently able to provide the best and the latest Smart TV app solutions, including for hosting on Panasonic’s platforms.

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Best Approach for Panasonic App Development

We work with you to find the best approach for your brand, audience and content. Our developers will collaborate with your team to create a bespoke application that meets your exact needs and requirements.

Panasonic Smart TVs use Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV known as HbbTV to deliver OTT content. This open platform was created to homogenise the operating systems across a number of large Smart TV manufacturers (such as Panasonic, LG, Sony and Samsung) which makes it easier to deploy HTML5 web-based TV applications across multiple devices/manufacturers

Even when building a HTML5 web-based application, each TV manufacturer has elements of development and specific standards unique to their platform, which your app will need to fulfil to pass certification. With our HTML5 web-based approach, building a TV App that is ready for deployment on the Panasonic Smart TV app store is a seamless process and we ensure our TV apps meet any special requirements unique to individual platforms to maximise your potential audience.

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FX Digital supports all major TV connected devices and platforms