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Why Xbox App Development?

The FX Digital team has delivered premier quality applications for Xbox. Our Xbox app development services involve consulting, developing, designing and quality assurance testing. We will work with you to develop a high-quality, top-performing Xbox app that meet your requirements and specifications and keeps your audience entertained.

Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation have been fierce rivals in the games console market since Microsoft released their first iteration of the Xbox console in 2001. Xbox’s latest console – the Xbox One – has sold an estimated 50 million units, which means developing an app for Xbox offers huge opportunities to grow your audience.

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OTT Platform Support

FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms

The new way to use Game Consoles

Games consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One are no longer just for gaming. Many users rely on their Xbox to deliver VOD via the internet and featuring apps like Sky Go, BBC iPlayer and Netflix. This has made Xbox app development an important channel for content providers looking for new audiences.

With the next generation of Xbox consoles released in late 2020 – the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X – FX Digital now offer development services for the latest generation of Xbox consoles.

Our Xbox App Development Services

FX Digital has an accomplished team of TV application designers who specialise in crafting bespoke TV application UI’s that are optimised for the 10-foot viewing experience, taking into account all of the quirks and elements that are specific to the Xbox One platform.

Our specialist team of Xbox app developers worked with Eurosport on their most recent Xbox app for Xbox One. This apps was made available to 52 markets in 14 languages, and delivers premium video content on Xbox. Our Xbox app is feature-rich, including user authentication, dynamic content rails, a schedule of content and search.

Our team of Xbox app developers have experience working on Xbox One developer kit to ensure that your TV app is ready for deployment on the Xbox One. Our QA and Testing specialists have strong relationships with Microsoft and ensure the TV app is ready to pass the certification process.

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