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Why PlayStation App Development?

The FX Digital team has experience developing for games consoles and has successfully deployed apps to PlayStation before. Our PlayStation app development services involve consulting, developing, designing and quality assurance testing. We will work with you to develop a high-quality, top-performing PlayStation app that fulfils your users demands.

Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox have been going head to head in the games console market since Microsoft entered this fiercely competitive market in 2001. PlayStation’s latest console – the PlayStation 5 (PS5) – has a 57.4% share of the games console market, compared to just 42.6% for the Xbox Series X/S.

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OTT Platform Support

FX Digital support all major TV connected devices and platforms

The evolution of the Games Console

Modern gaming consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are no longer exclusively for gamers, and have taken the role of the media centre in many people’s homes. With the ability to download apps from media giants like the BBC, Sky and Netflix, gaming consoles have become a vital channel for content providers looking to expand their audience.

Developing a Connected TV app for Playstation will offer your viewers a new way to interact with the brand. With 1 in 5 global consumers owning – or having access to – a gaming console, the potential to increase your audience reach is almost inconceivable. The games console has become a media centre at the heart of many living rooms, and our PlayStation app development could offer your brand massive audience gains.

With the next generation of PlayStation released in late 2020, FX Digital offer development services for PS5.

Our PlayStation App Development Services

FX Digital has an accomplished team of TV application designers who specialise in crafting bespoke TV application UI’s that are optimised for the 10-foot viewing experience, taking into account all of the quirks and elements that are specific to the PS5 platform.

Our team of expert TV app developers worked with Eurosport on the most recent Eurosport PlayStation app. This apps was made available to 52 markets in 14 languages, and delivers premium video content. Our PlayStation app is feature-rich, including user authentication, dynamic content rails, a schedule of content and search.

Our team of PlayStation TV app developers have experience working on Playstation Dev Kits and have built relationships that make development and certification for Playstation app development smooth and seamless.

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